Freshly Sliced Cantelupe

IMG_1567THE BLOG TRADITIONALLY reserves its pages on club achievements in golf for exceptional events. It only seems fair, therefore, to include a brief report of a famous club victory after nine long years of consistent and dismal failure.

On Saturday, July 11th, for the first time since 2006, Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club beat the Cantelupe Club by 8 1/2 points to 7 1/2 in a nail biting finish. The final point for the club was secured by new member, Tim Dennis- victorious in both morning and afternoon sessions- and Peter Scaramanga.

Accepting the match trophy, first played for in 1936, victorious Ashdown Captain, Trevor Rudd, said, ‘When I was a boy I held three ambitions: to play football for West Ham United, open the batting for England and lift the Winkley Smith salver awarded for this match! Well done to my hand picked, highly-tuned team of golfing athletes for allowing me to achieve one ambition, at least.’



2 thoughts on “Freshly Sliced Cantelupe

  1. Ruddy, I owe a £5 and a Harvey’s !!!!! Well done! Make the most of it we’ll be getting it back next year!!!!!!!

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