Christmas comes early for Poppy


The new high-tech golf simulator is not the only new arrival in the Royal Ashdown pro shop.

Sitting quietly in her basket is a five-year old black labrador bitch who was found with 20 other dogs boxed up in cat cages in a single room in south London. She was taken to RSPCA in Patcham in West Sussex for re-homing and, fortunately for her, Ashdown head pro, Tim Cowley, was looking for a dog but concerned that having a young pup might be fun although far from easy to look after whilst simultaneously running the shop.

Tim takes up the story, ‘Luckily my aunt Cheryl lives in Patcham and works for the RSPCA. She knew that I had been looking to re-home a dog for the last couple of months so we went to meet the new arrival. My girlfriend, Emma, and I immediately fell in love with her. As we picked her up on Remembrance Sunday it seemed only right that we named her Poppy.’

Now Poppy is enjoying her rehabilitation and is learning to do what dogs who have had a far more fortunate start in life do naturally, namely have fun. ‘Poppy is still very quiet in the shop but really comes to life when she is out on a walk with other dogs. It is really pleasing to see the progress she has already made in such a short time,’says Tim.

After five years Poppy finally has a Christmas she can look forward to and many more to come.



2 thoughts on “Christmas comes early for Poppy

  1. What a lovely picture of Poppy. Well done for rescuing her Tim, she will bring you years of pleasure and affectionate loyalty. Surely more like five-months old though?

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