More ‘Redemption’ required for Stateside teams

IMG_0140SEPTEMBER WAS NOT a good month for golf teams from the far side of the Atlantic. With Europe giving their Ryder Cup counterparts from the USA a fearful pounding at Gleneagles, the Fightmaster Cup, held at Stirling Golf Club resulted in an even bigger trouncing for the Americans.

Named after Don Fightmaster, from Louisville, Kentucky, who lost his left arm in a car crash and went on to become an outstanding golfer, the trophy is played bi-annually between one-armed golfers from North America and Europe in exactly the same format as the Ryder Cup.

In this year’s tournament the European side, including Royal Ashdown’s very own Nick Champness (far left in above picture), won by the massive margin of 21-7. Champness won 4&3 in the final day singles as well as triumphing by one up in the first day foursomes.

Much of the Society of One-Armed Golfers’ activities depend on charitable donations. For further information on how to help simply enter on your search engine and follow the link.


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