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THIS MONTH WE have omitted our regular thought for the month to bring readers news of an Ashdown family triumph.

For two full months Lou Stuteley has held the bragging rights in her family when conversation turns to golf and holes in one, having ‘aced’ the ninth on Ashdown’s Old Course during a ladies’ stableford competition in June.

Fast forward to the first round of the Caterham Cup two months later and standing on the ninth with a six iron in his hand is husband, Hugh. The result- another hole in one for the Stuteley family. A triumphant Stuteley later said, ‘The only down side was that my celebratory bar bill was far, far bigger than my wife’s.’

The odds of an amateur golfer getting a hole in one during their lifetime is 12,500 to one and 5,000 to one for a low handicap player. No odds for two members of the same family getting a hole in one on the same hole within two months of one another are available at the time of writing, but two holes in one on the same hole on the same day in the same tournament are estimated to be 25,000,000-1.

Suffice to say, the investment of a pound would more than have covered Stuteley’s bar bill and still left enough to go on a luxury holiday before deciding what to do with the rest.

Well played to both Stuteleys.




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