A book that is not to be sniffed at……


IN DECEMBER 1888, as London police searched in vain for the Whitechapel murderer, Henry Morton Stanley was trekking through the Congo, and Vincent van Goch decided that he really did not need his right ear after all, an announcement appeared in The Field magazine.

It read, ‘It is proposed that a golf club and links should be formed on Ashdown Forest, Sussex. With a view to giving practical effect to desire, a meeting is to be held at The Brambletye Hotel, Forest Row at 4.00 today (Saturday 22nd December.) The formation of what was to become Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club was underway.

Nearly 125 years later club member and archivist, Colin Strachan, has written the definitive history of the club. Lavishly illustrated and containing all the key moments, including George Duke of Cambridge arriving in full regalia to hit his first shot, the emergence of ladies’ golf and the great players who have walked the club’s historic fairways.

Copies of the hardback edition are now available, just in time for Christmas, through the Secretary’s office. Barney, Strachan’s black labrador (pictured above), cannot find a ‘rrruff’ page in it.

3 thoughts on “A book that is not to be sniffed at……

  1. Please would you send me the Club history book as mentioned on your blog
    My address is
    Andrew Avann
    11 Bell Court
    SL6 5NA

    PGA level 2 volunteer coach

  2. Do you still have copies of the Royal Ashdown book for sale? If you do, how could I get one and at what price? I have been reading about the club for years.

    I live in Raleigh, NC

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