Pro Shop: Why would anyone want to play Benross?

benrossDO YOU REMEMBER the old Skoda jokes that were doing the rounds at the turn of the century? Why does a Skoda have a heated rear windscreen? To keep your hands warm when you are pushing it. Benross golf clubs have had a similar reputation. Cheap enough but not really the sort of thing any self-respecting golfer wants to be seen owning. Continue reading

How green is your green?


NOTHING CAUSES more discussion amongst the golfing fraternity than when debating the quality of courses and players. And whilst the list of the world’s top players is easily identifiable by who has won most in any given year, the compiling of lists of the best golf courses is a far more subjective matter.

How many of us can honestly say that we would put a golf course at number one when the only time we have played it we performed like an idiot? One well-known member of Royal Ashdown Forest has barely a good word to say about the natural splendours of Scotland’s Turnberry links for the very reason that he played it in around 20 shots more than his handicap Continue reading