Not all green keepers are quackers

20140302-FILE00032FIRST UP is an exotic visitor to the Ashdown reservoir: Aix galericulata to be precise, more commonly known as the mandarin duck. The male, who flew in, is a particularly handsome fellow with distinctive long orange feathers on the side of the face and pale orange flanks. Course manager, Chris Mitchell, took the photograph of him, shown above. Continue reading

The Best of Tines- the Worst of Tines

20111002-8631Do these fellows do it just to spite us? We wait all Winter for the greens at our club to start showing signs of improvement, especially those poor souls unfortunate enough to be forced onto the dreaded temporaries. Then we get a bad Spring and we are still waiting until, at last, Summer arrives and our putts start rolling true again, and we begin to hole a few and get more confident and then it happens. Continue reading