Pro Shop: Why would anyone want to play Benross?

benrossDO YOU REMEMBER the old Skoda jokes that were doing the rounds at the turn of the century? Why does a Skoda have a heated rear windscreen? To keep your hands warm when you are pushing it. Benross golf clubs have had a similar reputation. Cheap enough but not really the sort of thing any self-respecting golfer wants to be seen owning.

But just as Skoda, backed by VW technology, introduced the Fabia and the jokes stopped so Benross has been steadily working on providing a quality, dependable range of golf clubs that would appeal to everyday golfers. Just as any car is dependent first on its engine and then on its looks so Benross put the Aldila ATX Tour Blue shaft in its top of the range clubs.

It produces a higher flight and is regularly used by Callaway, only a Benross Rip Speed 2 driver costs half as much as the new Callaway Big Bertha. What Benross does not have is Callaway’s Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, Patrick Reed and Henrik Stenson to sponsor, which makes its clubs a good deal cheaper.

The company has produced three sets for this season plus a special set for veteran golfers. Top of the range is the Rip  Speed 2 aimed at accomplished players that includes a 10 degree driver that produces a low piercing flight and some remarkably sleek looking, matt black fairway and rescue clubs. Ashdown assistant pro, Sam Cowley and Captain and eight-handicapper, John Eakin, both have Benross Rip Speed 2 clubs in their bag, indeed Cowley plays a full set of Benross including the putter!

The Hot Speed 2 range is for regular players with a mid-handicap where the driver is set to 12 degrees allowing more height and a longer flight with less spin, whilst the Max Speed 2 clubs are aimed at beginners and high handicappers looking for game improvement. The Max driver comes with 14 degrees of loft plus a very forgiving, deep face and the irons are also wide soled with a deep cavity back; both designed for swings of less than 85 mph.

And for senior golfers, the Gold Legend range is specifically aimed at slower swings with lighter, more flexible shafts.

Royal Ashdown pro, Tim Cowley, says that, ‘These are really excellent clubs for all standards of player. Don’t think that just because Benross is not quoting a premium price they are not a premium product.’ And, as an added extra, Benross throws in a three-year warranty for its clubs unlike the solitary year favoured by the vast majority of golf equipment manufacturers.

For all those who would like to try the new Speed 2 or Gold Legend clubs, a Benross demo day takes place at Ashdown on Tuesday April 15th between 10.30 am and 2.00 pm.


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