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golf-putter1So how do you go about choosing a new putter? Are you one of the legion of golfers for whom looks means most? One of those, ‘Wow, will you look at that! I really like the look of that and my putting recently has been dire so let’s have a go with that beauty.’ A few quick practice putts on the pro shop carpet and bingo! You are the proud possessor of a brand new putter. Would you ever buy clothes in the same way?

And strangely, whilst the new putter looks really slick in the bag and you can point out to your friends that you have just bought it, it just doesn’t make any difference to your game. Your long putts are still ending up lamentably short and the short ones still tend to miss on the right. In fact, apart from looking pretty, your new putter has not added one whit of improvement to your score.

Which is why, for the next month, Ashdown professionals, Tim and Sam Cowley, are offering custom fittings for everyone interested in buying a putter that suits their game, as well as offering a 10% discount on Odyssey, Ping, Yes and Benross putters.

And, given that most of us play with putters that are too long for us, so that the sole of the club is not even lying flat on the putting surface, the fitting will ensure that the putter is right for your height and arm length. Most off the rack putter shafts are 35” but how many of us share identical height and arm lengths?

American golf analyst, Peter Kostis, in his book ‘Putting secrets of the Pros’ wrote, ‘You can’t read a putt until you know the speed you are going to hit it. Then if you don’t hit at that speed, the read is no good.’

And without having the correct weight of club head, heavier ones tend to be more effective on slower greens, the right shaft, correct loft and grip size gauging the speed of the putt becomes increasingly difficult.

Just like buying clothes, when it comes to putting, one size most definitely does not fit all. So contact the Ashdown pro-shop to book your free putting lesson and see what type of putter you should really be playing with. And put an end to the sad inevitability of those curly, downhill, left-to-right putts always being followed by those curly, uphill, right-to-left putts!

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