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rain-golf1SOMETIMES playing in the rain is just unavoidable and, unlike the pros, club golfers don’t have a caddy whose job involves ensuring that both you, and your clubs, stay dry.

So should you be likely to be playing in club competitions or matches and want to combat the worst an English winter can throw at you without adversely affecting your game there are a number of items that can help you remain confident whilst those around you may be losing their head. Just always remember that the goal when playing in the rain is to not think too much about playing in the rain.

Probably the biggest problem in the wet is trying to keep a secure grip on the club and for many club golfers this often leads simply to gripping the club more tightly. As any pro will tell you this is counter-productive at the best of times, but in the wet in can prove disastrous. Any film of water between your glove and the grip can act, almost like an aqua-plane, making it much more likely to slip and slide in your hands.

Investing in a glove specifically designed to be worn in the wet is a sound move. The Footjoy RainGrip glove’s advertising slogan is ‘It’s better when it’s wetter’ and are available in pairs.

Another readily affordable piece of kit is an umbrella holder to attach to your trolley. Finding a suitable place to put the umbrella down, especially in a breeze, without it disappearing off across the course is just more trouble than it is worth.

Should you be wearing a leather glove, rather than a waterproof one, the upright umbrella is also a particularly useful place to hang it under between shots so that it does not get completely soaked. It is also an extremely useful place to clip a couple of towels to, as the one attached to your bag will soon become sodden.

Really serious players could also consider cord-based grips that have cord woven into the rubber material and offer a far greater purchase in the rain although many feel that the damage caused to the hands far outweighs the benefit.

The biggest single outlay will be for your wet weather jacket and trousers and there is a wide variety available designed to suit all pockets, although the maxim ‘you get what you pay for’ is especially true when it comes to golfing rainwear.

The best golfing wet weather gear keeps you dry without affecting your swing. Footjoy’s, Hydrolite range boasts that it is designed to resist the toughest conditions and is the lightest rainwear ever produced by the company and, like the best modern waterproofs, comes with a three year warranty.

ProQuip has been suppliers of rainwear to 20 Ryder Cup teams both European and American and will be kitting out Paul McGinley’s team at Gleneagles next year while Canadian ski company, Fletcher Leisure, turned its hand to golf clothing in 1991 and now produces an exclusive range under its Sunice brand.

Having provided equipment for the first Canadian attempt to climb Mount Everest, Sunice attained another summit when it supplied the 2012 USA Ryder Cup team.

Tim Cowley is currently stocking all the above items to ensure that you can get on with your round no matter how bad the weather.

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