Palmer fails to poach chef Ainsley

ALWAYS ON THE LOOK-OUT for new talent, clubhouse manager Matt Palmer, finally thought he had struck gold when former Lord’s Cricket Ground head chef and TV presenter Ainsley Harriott walked into the Ashdown kitchen.

Best known for his TV show, Ready Steady Cook, Harriott was a guest of club member, Peter Goodliffe, who he first met at a charity event at Lord’s  during ‘A chance to dine,’ where four England cricketers cooked for the paying guests and one of them was judged the winner. Goodliffe recalls, ‘Ainsley was the celebrity judge and I sat next to him but hadn’t a clue who he was. Fortunately he found this amusing and we hit it off and have kept in touch.’
‘We had an excellent lunch, the dining room to ourselves and afterwards played a three- ball, sixsome, Texas scramble skins game. It was such fun but sadly we only played seven holes before they had to head back to London! As you can imagine, there are few places in the UK where celebrities can go without being heckled and hassled but Ashdown is one of them and they all had a great time.’
Harriott’s friend and Sky presenter, Paul Boross, played as did Ebony Rainford-Brent, a past England women’s cricket world cup winner. They were joined by Goodcliffe’s sons,
George and Will.
Meanwhile Palmer’s search continues!

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