It could be a lot less bovver with a hover

THIS COULD FINALLY be the answer to wet weather golf. Those miserable days when the course is saturated and neither buggies, electric trollies or even in severe circumstances, simple pull-trolleys are allowed. If you want to play, irrespective of how old you are, you have to carry your clubs.

Scientists and engineers in America have taken the same principles that created Bubba Watson’s hover- buggy ( see above) and have created a revolutionary new form of trolley trademarked the ‘Hover-Kaddy’, a design that floats above the surface of the ground in much the same way that the hover lawn mower does.

Only instead of running on electricity the new ‘Hover-Kaddy’ runs on a two stoke engine. The base that contains the engine is no more than 5″ deep; one simply straps one’s bag to the two forks running up from it and releases a brake.

Prototypes were on display at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Olando, Florida. Designer, Neoteric Hovercraft, was unable to confirm precisely when the ‘Hover-Kaddy’ would be available in stores and pro shops although the company said it hoped that it would be in time for the advent of autumn in the UK and the return of wet weather golf. Prices at the time of writing were estimated to be in the region of US$950 ( £640).

Windy Knoll Golf Club in Spingfield, Ohio has already ordered a fleet of the BW1 hovercrafts trialled by Watson, which cost a hefty $58,000 a piece and have a footprint 33 times lighter than the human foot. The ‘Hover-Kaddy’ will make little or no indentation on fairways and is also capable of gliding up banks where traditional electric and push-trollies would be unable to go.

A Neoteric spokesman, said, ‘This is a genuine revolution in trolley design and is bound to be hugely popular with golf clubs both here in the USA and anywhere that faces wet conditions that prevents traditional karts and trollies getting onto a course, We shall be marketing globally in the Fall and we have already been inundated from club professionals and golf directors since the Orlando show.’

It will not just be golfers who will be happy with this new design as greenkeepers will no longer face the problem of wheel ruts when a course becomes sodden. Ashdown head pro, Tim Cowley, said,  ‘We have only received basic information from Neoteric Hovercraft so far, but are more than happy to take the names of members who would be interested in trialling one later in the year. This could be the answer to an awful lot of problems and, depending on cost,we may be able to provide some available for hire.’

5 thoughts on “It could be a lot less bovver with a hover

  1. Looks and sounds great fun or is it just 1st April!
    Not sure how we would cope with some of our bridges – 13th would cause a problem.
    Cost would probably make this prohibitive – I think it better for us to lay down full and properly drained paths.

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