RAFGC and the railways

IMG_1393IT WAS THE advent of the railways that created the demand for so many of the fine golf courses that we enjoy playing today. So Ashdown members who travel to London from East Grinstead should look out for an art deco style poster of the club designed by two second year students at Brighton University as part of their art degree course.

The above photograph does not do the work justice but we wanted to create the same sort of image as those originally commissioned by Scottish and English regional railways that have since become collectors’ items. We reckon that the two girl students who came to visit Ashdown from Brighton, having never stepped foot on a golf course before, have done a first class job in capturing the essence of the club.

Commuters can download links to the club website onto their mobile phones direct from the poster so we hope that, as well as creating an attractive and nostalgic design, we will also attract some more visitors to the club. Many thanks go to Ashdown’s, John Harley, Deputy Chair of the University of Brighton, for his help in effecting the introduction.

And whilst we are thanking people we should also give an honourable mention in despatches to Richard Haines of ‘Photographs Forever’ in Chelwood Gate who has done a superb job in restoring a number of old photographs that members will have noticed in the dining room, lobby and men’s changing rooms and which also appear in Colin Strachan’s history of the club, ‘Fairways in Ashdown Forest’.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where the England v Spain commemorative framed photo set is now located? It is an interesting contemporary item and should surely be hung somewhere in the clubhouse?


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