Last word

“The whole week I’ve been so focused, I’ve been so up for it. I’ve been just so determined to represent Team GB as best as I could, and it was just the most magical week, it really was.” Justin Rose after winning gold at the Olympic Games in Brazil



The Last Word

“Spieth is lining up his putt. If I’m quick I can get a beer. Go to the toilet and paint the spare room b4 he hits it.”

A tweet from Danny Willet’s brother P.J.Willett during the closing holes of The Masters.

See you all again next month…….

The Last Word

LET’S LEAVE THE last word to Edgar Guest, who penned these lines in June 1930 and which appeared in the Lincoln Star newspaper in Nebraska. It is entitled ‘Comfortless’:

‘I do not see the sunbeams dance,

Nor hear the birds,’ said he.

‘There’s something faulty with my stance,

I can’t get off the tee.

‘All day I’ve shanked my mashie shot,

My putts rimmed every cup,

I’m doing something I should not;

I think it’s looking up.’

‘Poor man,’ I said, ‘t’is very sure

No help for you appears,

The woes you bear I tried to cure

Myself for thirty years.

‘And still my mashie shots I shank,

And stil I slice the drive,

And with the dubs expect to rank

As long as I’m alive.

‘Through time all other griefs may cure,

All other hurts may mend,

The miseries of golf endure:

To them there is no end.’

Whatever happens enjoy your golf in 2016.

Last Word….

THE BOAT FINALLY came in at Mombassa so, for all those Royal Ashdown members who generously donated clubs last year for the caddies of Vipingo Ridge, where street children are helped to start new lives, here are some of them are with your clubs. From them and me, thank you all so much for your generosity, and a very merry Christmas.