Golf whatever the weather


CAST YOUR MIND back to the start of this year. Day after day of ghastly weather with torrential rains flooding courses and preventing play even for those hardy souls who were prepared to pull on their wet weather gear. Now the pro shop has the most cutting edge golfing technology to banish those wet weather blues. Continue reading

Christmas comes early for Poppy


The new high-tech golf simulator is not the only new arrival in the Royal Ashdown pro shop.

Sitting quietly in her basket is a five-year old black labrador bitch who was found with 20 other dogs boxed up in cat cages in a single room in south London. She was taken to RSPCA in Patcham in West Sussex for re-homing and, fortunately for her, Ashdown head pro, Tim Cowley, was looking for a dog but concerned that having a young pup might be fun although far from easy to look after whilst simultaneously running the shop.

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Pro Shop: Why would anyone want to play Benross?

benrossDO YOU REMEMBER the old Skoda jokes that were doing the rounds at the turn of the century? Why does a Skoda have a heated rear windscreen? To keep your hands warm when you are pushing it. Benross golf clubs have had a similar reputation. Cheap enough but not really the sort of thing any self-respecting golfer wants to be seen owning. Continue reading

Pro Shop Extra: Canine Couture Counter

photoHOT PAW from the fashion dog walks of Paris and Milan those style conscious chaps in the Royal Ashdown Pro Shop thought it was about time they provided something cutting edge for man’s best friend. So here it is, modelled by one of the Old Course’s most popular breeds, a Black Lab, the 2014 must have canine accessory: a collar in original 1888 club colours of red and forest green with a matching club logo tag. Make sure your best friend does not feel under dressed by ordering one from the Pro Shop now!

Pro Shop: A Gripping Tale

2014-01-14 10.37.30SO WHEN WAS the last time you bought a new set of grips? And the answer for far too many of us will be when we last bought a new set of clubs. This will certainly cause anyone behind the counter in the Royal Ashdown pro shop to shake his head in a rueful and disconsolate manner.

The reason being that as grips age they start to become smooth and often shiny. Research has shown that old grips can cause anything up to an 11% loss in club speed and distance. Continue reading

Pro Shop: What ball should I play?

IMG_0497BE HONEST NOW. How far do you really drive the ball? On average PGA Tour pros hit the ball between 280 yards to 320 yards and LPGA Tour pros hit their drives from 230 yards to 270 yards. Club golfers, according to Golf Digest magazine, average between 195 yards to 205 yards with their driver. So what sort of golf ball should we be hitting to maximise distance? Continue reading

Pro Shop: Come rain and shine

rain-golf1SOMETIMES playing in the rain is just unavoidable and, unlike the pros, club golfers don’t have a caddy whose job involves ensuring that both you, and your clubs, stay dry.

So should you be likely to be playing in club competitions or matches and want to combat the worst an English winter can throw at you without adversely affecting your game there are a number of items that can help you remain confident whilst those around you may be losing their head. Just always remember that the goal when playing in the rain is to not think too much about playing in the rain. Continue reading

Pro Shop: Putting yourself first

golf-putter1So how do you go about choosing a new putter? Are you one of the legion of golfers for whom looks means most? One of those, ‘Wow, will you look at that! I really like the look of that and my putting recently has been dire so let’s have a go with that beauty.’ A few quick practice putts on the pro shop carpet and bingo! You are the proud possessor of a brand new putter. Would you ever buy clothes in the same way? Continue reading

Pro Shop: Cool tops for hot days


Back in the 1950s and ‘60s there was no such thing as golf wear. The likes of Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer simply pulled on what was popular in casual fashion back then and teed off. Hence the advent of knitted cardigans; V-necked pullovers and slipovers, self-coloured, short sleeved shirts and narrow brimmed hats appearing on the golf course. Continue reading

Pro Shop: Soft Shoe Shuffle

Shoes For Sale

Tim Cowley is currently stocking the Ecco shoe range made famous by Fred Couples with Footjoy Contour Casuals also available to order.

To some of us it barely seems five minutes ago that we were wearing metal studs on the soles of our golf shoes and those strange, fringed tongues on the tops of them.

Then came the soft spike revolution with weird and colourful spider-like shapes bursting onto our golfing footwear. And that was over 15 years ago.

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