The 10 definitive excuses for rubbish golf


EXCUSES COMPRISE A sizeable plank of amateur golf. So often that hideous snap hook into the nearby garden or a grisly shank last seen bounding down the cart path is really not our fault. No really it isn’t. How could it be when we simply do not hit shots like that? So we thought that, seeing that it is awards season for all sorts of things, we would present our own golfing Oscars for the 10 top excuses for truly dreadful golf shots. Continue reading

The joys of winter golf

imagesAS ANOTHER GOLF SEASON draws to its close many of us lesser mortals will be in a state of sadness. Despite having had a lesson, paid for at least two buckets of practice range balls and even undertaken the odd session on the putting green before terminal  boredom overtook us, our handicap has had the bare faced temerity to go up. And now we face five months of cold, wind and rain. Let’s take a look at what lies ahead. Continue reading

Old Blogger’s Almanac

WITH GOLF’S professional tournament season pausing for little more than two weeks the 2015 tour is already upon us. With this in mind we thought that it would be fun to gaze into our crystal ball, study tea leaves, and peer knowingly at some old chicken entrails to consider precisely what will be grabbing the headlines over the next 12 months. Continue reading

Ryder Cup- The Last Word 2


ONE OF THE MORE unfortunate things about the Ryder Cup is not the USA’s seeming inability to produce a winning side these days but the degeneration of the gallery into something approaching the hysteria of a football crowd.

Applause at many major events these days can no longer be spontaneous it seems, but co-ordinated either by some manic announcer bawling the name of the goal, run or points scorer or else accompanied by primitive music that endeavours to bring out the latent caveman in us all. Cheering a try for England at Twickenham is now supported by deafening music from the rightly, little known combination of Elias and his Zig Zag jive flutes. And does it enhance our enjoyment? Very little would be the most popular response from those with an IQ into double figures. Continue reading

Golf fashions to lose in 2015

UnknownONE OF THE HUGE joys of the Ryder Cup, apart from cheering on a convincing European victory, is that neither the European nor USA side stride the fairways looking like advertising hoardings.

Lee Westwood regularly accommodates four adverts on his cap alone. This is small beer compared to his polo shirts that can carry collar flashes for Dunlop and a plug for both the parcel delivery company UPS and a really big Dunlop logo across the chest. Squeeze in another on the back collar, two more on the sleeves and Lee is minting it in promotional revenue terms. The trouble is 11 adverts sported on two items of golf wear simply does not look terribly smart. In fact it looks just like what it is, a fabric sandwich board of adverts. Continue reading