If we could only wave our magic wand……..

imagesTEN THINGS we would sooner have reversed in 2015:

1. Six-time major winner, Nick Faldo pulling on that hideous, ill-fitting yellow, diamond patterned, Ronnie Corbett style golfing sweater during his farewell to the galleries at the Open Championship at St Andrews. It looked just the right size for Ronnie Corbett too. ‘It’s cashmere’ Faldo told us, as if we cared. The great man might also have second thoughts over the press release issued by his agent about impaling his middle finger on a set of wall-mounted antlers whilst taking off a shirt that gave him a deep cut on his right hand and almost caused him to withdraw from his last ever Open round. Just how low were those antlers or does Sir Nick routinely take off shirts whilst standing on a chair? Continue reading

Golf club manufacturers hit the rough

UnknownONE OF GOLF’S greatest irritants is the volume of golf equipment that floods onto the market during the course of a year. Irritating for the hapless club golfer, who has no sooner decided to invest in a new, all singing, all dancing driver, when a brand new version by the same manufacturer becomes available, and irritating for the club professional and golf store left with a club that is outmoded and must immediately be offered at a substantial discount. Continue reading

Buyer Beware

imagesHOW MANY OF YOU have ever bought a golf club on the strength of a review in a golf magazine or website? Because there are loads of them every month. The one problem is that they are not objective and never will be. The vast majority of them are little more than puff pieces to keep the manufacturers and their press officers happy. Continue reading

10 things we learnt at St Andrews

1. WE SHOULD BE extremely cautious about a European Ryder Cup victory next year at Hazeltine National. And the reason? The last time golfers from the USA had their hands on all four major trophies was back in 1982 when Raymond Floyd had won the PGA at Southern Hills; Craig Stadler pulled on the famous green jacket at Augusta, while Tom Watson’s lifted the Open Championship trophies on both side of the Atlantic held at Pebble Beach and Royal Troon.

Continue reading

Is that alligator a loose impediment?

p02lv8sxNOW LET’S BE HONEST. How many of us know what the rule is if our ball comes to rest alongside an alligator? Or a snake? Or a wasps’ nest? Fortunately, not many of us are likely to encounter an alligator unless we are playing golf in Florida, but we could meet dangerous insects or venomous snakes during the course of our round so what is the rule? Do we have to play our ball or can we drop another without penalty? Continue reading

New balls please?

imagesJACK NICKLAUS HAS BEEN talking about it for years but, surely, now is the time to grasp the nettle. The two longest drives recorded on the USPGA Tour so far this year are 409 yards, whilst Bubba Watson was longest in 2014 with an effort of 424 yards. Nicklaus firmly maintains that it is time manufacturers did something about the golf ball. Continue reading

Take the PGA show on the road

UnknownTHERE ARE ANY number of improvements that could be made to the three major golf tournaments currently held in the United States, and here are just a few of them:

The Masters is an anachronistic law unto itself. It may simply be quirky to call spectators patrons and showing live TV coverage of a par three tournament is just about understandable, assuming that you are not one of the unfortunate commentators who has to find something interesting to say about cloyingly sweet children, smouldering-looking wives and girlfriends or stars from the screen and music world not simply content to carry a bag in their Augusta white and green overalls but also invariably attempting a shot or trying to hole a six inch putt to wild applause. Continue reading