Playaway: Golf Club Grado, Friuli, Italy

GC Grado 4

THINK VENICE BUT without Venetian prices. Just 90 minutes to the east on the road to Trieste, away from the crowds pouring onto the historic island in the lagoon lies another that was colonised by the Romans, centuries before Venice was founded. It too enjoys a hauntingly beautiful setting and is also able to boast a first class golf course. Continue reading

Where the place? Upon the heath…



GOLFERS SHOULD BE hugely grateful to those Neolithic farmers of 4,000 years ago. They domesticated animals, cleared woodlands so that settlements could be developed and their animals grazed. These cleared areas were more exposed to the elements leading to a leaching of nutrients and creating acidic soils that were slowly colonised by dwarf shrubs such as heather, gorse and broom. The first lowland heaths were created that have subsequently provided those well-drained sites for the outstanding golf courses that so many of us enjoy playing today, not least of which is our own Royal Ashdown Forest. Continue reading

Play away: Gerre Losone, Ascona, Switzerland

20120529-5275Sundays in parts of Switzerland are as quiet as they used to be during the 1960s and ’70s in Great Britain when all the shops were closed and pubs had to close at 2.00pm. Sunday is family day, and rarely will you find a family spending any time on a golf course. This means that Sunday morning is a simply wonderful time for visiting golfers to enjoy a round. Continue reading

The Winter Men

20141210-_V2C7912THIS MONTH WE invited Course Manager, Chris Mitchell, to describe a typical day for him and his greenkeeping team during the Winter months. 

“The morning starts in the dark at 06.30 when I arrive at the office to  check the weather forecasts and live rain radar. Then I read what golf we have on for the day as well as checking my e-mails for anything urgent that has arrived and reply to them. I then check the greenkeepers’ website for any latest information. Continue reading

Playaway: Carne Golf Club, Belmullet, County Mayo


WHERE ELSE BUT in Ireland could you go into a pro shop and be told in answer to your question of how old the club is, ‘The course officially opened in 1993 but the land is much older than that’?

Welcome to Carne Golf Club in Belmullet, a wild and rural spot in County Mayo that gazes out onto the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Continue reading

Fall Steam Ahead…..

20140707-_V2C6336AUTUMN LEAVES MAY be falling but the workload out on the course is certainly not dropping. The next couple of months will see the start of the autumn aeration work. The greens will be deep- tined to 14″ deep followed by regular deep slitting to loosen up the compaction caused by many feet and machinery in order to get as much air into the soil as possible. Continue reading