If we could only wave our magic wand……..

imagesTEN THINGS we would sooner have reversed in 2015:

1. Six-time major winner, Nick Faldo pulling on that hideous, ill-fitting yellow, diamond patterned, Ronnie Corbett style golfing sweater during his farewell to the galleries at the Open Championship at St Andrews. It looked just the right size for Ronnie Corbett too. ‘It’s cashmere’ Faldo told us, as if we cared. The great man might also have second thoughts over the press release issued by his agent about impaling his middle finger on a set of wall-mounted antlers whilst taking off a shirt that gave him a deep cut on his right hand and almost caused him to withdraw from his last ever Open round. Just how low were those antlers or does Sir Nick routinely take off shirts whilst standing on a chair? Continue reading

Play Away: Port Royal Golf Club, Bermuda

Tee on 16th hole of Port Royal golf course

Tee on 16th hole of Port Royal golf course

HANG THE EXPENSE! Let’s go to Bermuda.

Despite only being a couple of miles wide and 20 miles long this tiny series of interconnected islands in the Atlantic is almost one large golf course with seven currently to choose from. Amongst them is probably the most scenic public course in the world, at Port Royal, government owned that opened in 1970 on high ground overlooking a clear, torquoise ocean. Continue reading

Last Word….

THE BOAT FINALLY came in at Mombassa so, for all those Royal Ashdown members who generously donated clubs last year for the caddies of Vipingo Ridge, where street children are helped to start new lives, here are some of them are with your clubs. From them and me, thank you all so much for your generosity, and a very merry Christmas.