The joys of winter golf

imagesAS ANOTHER GOLF SEASON draws to its close many of us lesser mortals will be in a state of sadness. Despite having had a lesson, paid for at least two buckets of practice range balls and even undertaken the odd session on the putting green before terminal  boredom overtook us, our handicap has had the bare faced temerity to go up. And now we face five months of cold, wind and rain. Let’s take a look at what lies ahead. Continue reading

Golf club manufacturers hit the rough

UnknownONE OF GOLF’S greatest irritants is the volume of golf equipment that floods onto the market during the course of a year. Irritating for the hapless club golfer, who has no sooner decided to invest in a new, all singing, all dancing driver, when a brand new version by the same manufacturer becomes available, and irritating for the club professional and golf store left with a club that is outmoded and must immediately be offered at a substantial discount. Continue reading

Playaway: Winter sunshine golf

Golf Images 5THIS MONTH, INSPIRED by Thomas Hood’s poem November*, rather than consider one course we take a look at some sunshine breaks to find the best places to stay and golf. Our requirements are simple, no flight takes more that four and a half hours, and we shall be staying in extremely comfortable surroundings in our quest for some Winter sun as well as taking in some first rate golf courses. Continue reading