Is that alligator a loose impediment?

p02lv8sxNOW LET’S BE HONEST. How many of us know what the rule is if our ball comes to rest alongside an alligator? Or a snake? Or a wasps’ nest? Fortunately, not many of us are likely to encounter an alligator unless we are playing golf in Florida, but we could meet dangerous insects or venomous snakes during the course of our round so what is the rule? Do we have to play our ball or can we drop another without penalty? Continue reading

Where the place? Upon the heath…



GOLFERS SHOULD BE hugely grateful to those Neolithic farmers of 4,000 years ago. They domesticated animals, cleared woodlands so that settlements could be developed and their animals grazed. These cleared areas were more exposed to the elements leading to a leaching of nutrients and creating acidic soils that were slowly colonised by dwarf shrubs such as heather, gorse and broom. The first lowland heaths were created that have subsequently provided those well-drained sites for the outstanding golf courses that so many of us enjoy playing today, not least of which is our own Royal Ashdown Forest. Continue reading

Italian Triumph for Rest of the World

Blogger and John Eakin with the Vision Cup

Blogger and John Eakin with the Vision Cup

IN A MAGNIFICENT team effort the Rest of the World blind and visually impaired golfers retained their equivalent of the Ryder Cup with a comprehensive 14.5 to 9.5 victory over North America at the beautiful Villa d”Este Golf Club in Lombardy, north-west Italy.

Like the Ryder Cup, the tournament runs over three days and is competed for bi-annually. The team is selected from the top four players in each of the International Blind Golfers Association three sight categories from B1, totally blind, to B3 and includes an additional captain’s pick. Continue reading

Playaway: Crail Golf Society, Balcomie Links, Fife

View across to the 15th hole at Crail Golfing Society, Balcomie Links.

View across to the 15th hole at Crail Golfing Society, Balcomie Links.

CONSIDERING ITS PROXIMITY to the old grey town of St. Andrews it is remarkable that many more golfing pilgrims do not take time to play Balcomie Links at Crail. Set a mere 12 miles south on the most easternmost tip of the Kingdom of Fife this Tom Morris-designed stunner of a links presents a stern test despite its modest length of 5,922 that sadly  excludes it from major competitions.
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New balls please?

imagesJACK NICKLAUS HAS BEEN talking about it for years but, surely, now is the time to grasp the nettle. The two longest drives recorded on the USPGA Tour so far this year are 409 yards, whilst Bubba Watson was longest in 2014 with an effort of 424 yards. Nicklaus firmly maintains that it is time manufacturers did something about the golf ball. Continue reading