Another new golf club? It’s ridonkulong!

imagesRIGHT THEN GOLF LOVERS what do the letters MOI stand for? No, neither did your Blogger. It stands for Moment of Inertia and is what excites golf club designers the world over, for the higher the MOI the greater stability and more forgiving a golf club is as there is less twist on impact. So now you know. Continue reading

Classic ladies one, two, three

hole in oneLOSING A HOLE having shot par can be frustrating, and losing a hole with a birdie even more so. But, happily, neither Martha Cooling nor Fiona Straszynski seemed to mind too much when Cathie Pattison aced her tee shot on the 107 yard par three 16th hole of the West Course, although Martha was not about when the above picture was taken over celebratory drinks in the West Course clubhouse!

Cathie can be seen second from the right in the back row and Fiona seated front right. Cheers and congratulations to you all for some fine shooting! You are also featured on this month’s online Women and Golf magazine’s news’ pages:

Play Away : Onyria Palmares, Lagos, Portugal

Praia #27 greenTHESE DAYS course designers are becoming increasingly obsessed with creating American style courses. Recent European Ryder cup venues are archetypes of stateside design and there is no shortage of them in Portugal, a favourite amongst British golf visitors, with the likes of Almondeira and the Victoria course at Vilamoura presenting massive challenges with huge bunkers and potentially card wrecking lagoons. Which is what makes Onyria Palmares in the western Algarve such a satisfying change. Continue reading