Autumn leaves- a rake’s progress

20131202-Waterfall-4 ONE OF THE MORE infuriating things that a golfer can say during a round is ‘Apparently trees are 90% air.’ This is only ever said to an opponent whose ball has just smashed into one and bounced deep into the jungle. Apart from that, trees bring beauty to a course and joy to golfers when not stuck behind them or ricocheting off them. But for greenkeepers at this time of year trees simply mean an awful lot of hard work. Continue reading

Play away: Circolo golf di Venezia


Golf_VeneziaTOURISTS PROWLING St Mark’s Square with a golf bag slung over their shoulder rather than a camera are a rare sight in Venice. But golfers who know appreciate that, just 30 minutes away by water taxi, is a splendid holiday course to enjoy, free from the hustle and bustle and sharp suited men keen to get you on a day trip to their cousin’s glass factory on Murano. Continue reading